marry me jamaican aqua amphibian

{the art of salvage isn't hard to master}

orange outgoing

Btw, this one’s a cross-post with my other tumblr, lollyololly (which gathers together visual inspiration from various sources)… Occasionally I’ll mix in an Art of Salvage collage poem there—I like to think of the images as neighborly that way.


orange outgoing

cast shadow

Midnight kitty

Your mission (fourth of a series)

Your mission is to collect… (third of a series)

Your mission is to collect (part 2)

Your mission is to collect… (first of a series—more to come!)

date returned

Three ways of looking at an action figure (with apologies to Wallace Stevens and many thanks to nephew Will for the prop)

gravity’s pull

Pompano Beach (a little something for a late-summer weekend)

ochre x 3

meadow (or, hazy autobiography, 1994)

cornsilk milkyway

vintage suzie (for S. Townsend)